1 and 2 year old stallions for sale

1 and 2 year old stallions for sale
Stallions for sale

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here are some new horses we have--take a look

As you can see, we have done about everything with this nice mule. For more info call Mark at 818-445-7244.  Price is $4500

Check out the papers on this colt below-- Driftwood & Blackburn bred--2015 Stallion--price is $2500.  For more info call Mark at 818-445-7244

Check this out-- Poco Bueno (in the middle) his Dad on his left and a son of Poco Bueno on the right.

This is "Tivio Springs"  check out his pedigree below.. For sale== $7500


TIVIO SPRINGS is a 2002 grandson of the great sire Poco Tivio. Tivio Springs' sire was a son of Poco Tivio crossed with a daughter of Doc Bar, one of the most consistent crosses in the Quarter Horse industry. Poco Tivio daughters were known as excellent cow horse producing mares. These genetics are found in many of the famous legends in the Quarter Horse industry.  Tivio Springs has the ability to put a fine, keen head, outstanding bone, deep long hip, and top notch disposition on his offspring. Tivio Springs is a true gentleman, he's athletic, with plenty of ride, Check out his pedigree, old cow horse breeding at it's finest. Very few of these grandsons of Poco Tivio in existence.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breeding Color Chart

I have found this chart a helpful element in my breeding program.  Color can be an important consideration when breeding and this chart will give you an idea of what you can expect your foal color to be based on the color of the stallion and the mare. To enlarge, click on the chart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Brahman Cattle SOLD

The origin of these cattle is India and this is a unique species not 'bred down' from a larger breed. They are called Zebu in India; Brahman is the American name.  I have a bull that stands at 37" tall and 2 cows - one stands 36" tall and one at 34" tall. Both cows have bull calves at side and cows are bred to have babies in 2011. They are very gentle and really something to see! I have them priced at $1800 per pair and $1800 for the bull.

Here is something you might use..