1 and 2 year old stallions for sale

1 and 2 year old stallions for sale
Stallions for sale

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Here are some new horses we have--take a look

Beautiful black filly, gentle as they come.  price is $2500

This 2 year old Stallion is very gentle. price is $3500

2 year old stallion check him out, gentle, could be your next best friend, his papers below, Hollywood Dun It on his papers. price is $2500---sale pending

2 year old stallion, gentle, very pretty colored, papers below. Hollywood Dun It on his papers.             price is $3500

Check out this 2 year old Dun colt, 2016, he will not be very big. price is $3500.

Black colt, 2017, Poco Bueno bred on Dad And Mom, check papers below.  price is $3500
No white markings

Friesian X Appy cross Black Stallion 2 year old. call for more info,           ,818-445-7244,                   price is $4500

2 year olds papers

His little brother, same price $4500

Poco Bueno and Blackburn bred colt, papers below.  price is $3500

Gunner colt for sale, check out his papers below, 2017 stallion, price is $10,500

As you can see, we have done about everything with this nice mule. For more info call Mark at 818-445-7244.  Price is $4500

Check this out-- Poco Bueno (in the middle) his Dad on his left and a son of Poco Bueno on the right.

                   Tivio Springs

Check out this color chart,